Reputation has real value that can have a huge impact on brand perception. This is the key to the success of a company, which cannot afford decreasing. The reputation of the company is built by its employees, but also defined by key decisions that can harm or even destroy a long-built image.

Strengthening Employer Branding in the world of VUCA

It is worth pointing out that the reputation is something you have or you don’t. It is a reflection of actions, decisions, communications regarding make difficult decisions about redundancies. It is good to take control of this process. It takes 9 years to build trust in the brand, on average. How can we avoid destroying the results of that effort in the face of the difficult decisions imposed by the pandemic? How, in this unprecedented situation, company may gain on image, showing awareness and maturity linked to employer brand?

Outplacement as a guarantee of company image

How to protect business from reputational damage? How to protect company image, built over years? How to keep EVP in employee Branding?

Outplacement process is an effective guarantee of safe working environment. It has changed its face over time and today is a real support for human resources management policy.

Outplacement can be included in the organization’s HR processes as part of development programs for employees, whose career potential is far beyond the scope of their job. Outplacement will then show the career path, labor market opportunities, trends and current median salaries in the selected professional group.

Executive Outplacement is dedicated to key roles in the company structure, showing mature and conscious risk management done by the employer. In this variant, Outplacement is a kind of “pillow” on the labor market, ensuring that management is prepared for new challenges, often including interim roles.

Finally, New Placement is an individual support for planning career path, using the support of the Career Consultant, preparing a personal brand to highlight own potential and competencies in the labor market.

The reputation in today’s pandemic is becoming a challenge even for many global organizations. It is worth engaging expert advice regarding planning, implementing and conducting the entire Outplacement process. External partner should have experience as well as certified tools. Should be able to create a tailor-made action plan well-aligned with Employee Branding strategy.

External support will certainly minimize the negative impact of today’s decisions regarding employees made by companies. It is therefore worth consulting current employment policy versus planned redundancies. To keep reputation and maintain “human” company image.

Agnieszka Musiał-Terlecka

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