Reputation in today’s world is a key pillar of any business.

Reputation has real value that can have a huge impact on brand perception. This is the key to the success of a company, which cannot afford decreasing. The reputation of the company is built by its employees, but also defined by key decisions that can harm or even destroy a long-built image. Strengthening Employer Branding in the world of VUCA It is worth pointing out that the reputation is something you have or you don’t.

Who should sell Professional Services?

  In recent years, several times I had the opportunity to help Professional Services companies develop their sales activities, or who prefers, Business Development area. Of course, as I am primarily involved in recruitment, our role was to attract people from the market who will bring new competences, new insights and new practices in this area. At the same time, discussing with the Clients information gathered throughout our work has expanded the discussion to other

Crisis recruitment

I have decided to share a story that has many associations with an extraordinary spring of 2020. I am curious, if anyone sees any reference in it, or maybe even a moral? Some time ago, our Italian Client had given us a recruitment for the position of General Manager / Plant Manager. In this respect, there is nothing extremely interesting, such tasks have been done many times over the last 15 years. However, this situation