Since last year, we have been offering a solution from Finland – Digital Headhunting, both in Poland and other countries of the CEE region. It is aimed at companies that are not satisfied with the results, costs or speed of recruitment processes. We are in a regular contact with hundreds of companies.

At the same time, we conduct regular recruitment projects in Poland as well as recruit in other countries of the CEE region. At the same time we manage projects related to the search for high-class specialists from our area to work in Western Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands etc.

All these experiences lead to a question mark about the thesis about the employer-driven market. Here are specific examples where we continue to see, and perhaps even more so, the opposite situation.


Medical personnel ranging from doctors, nurses, to specialized roles in healthcare or care facilities.


Currently, Clients use Digital Headhunting in many countries in this context. Neither external recruiters nor classic advertisements or database searches bring sufficient results. Clients expect improvement of effects, reduction of costs and acceleration of recruitment processes. Our Finnish partner Jobilla, creator and owner of the solution recently received a testimonial from a Client who saves a million euros annually in recruitment costs. Thanks to the change of model and approach resulting from the use of Digital Headhunting. Yes, this is a healthcare company. It inspires us a lot also in the CEE region.


Technical specialists, sales people with engineering knowledge, designers, engineers.


Using a new technology-based approach, we work for companies that have huge problems with the staffing of factories or similar facilities. It often takes place in Special Economic Zones or in the Western Poland areas, where it is enough to cross the border to earn much more. A lot of people do it every day or work outside Poland during the week and return home for the weekend. The situation is sometimes saved by workers from Ukraine or Belarus and other countries east of Poland, but the problem is essentially permanent.


High-class specialists in the IT industry.


It may sound banal, but the demand for them is constantly growing. First of all, some of them have been working remotely already for companies in the USA, Scandinavia or Germany, at target market rates. It can therefore be assumed that they have left the Polish labor market forever. The fact that they still live in Poland does not really matter. We deal with searches like that and we also look for people from senior levels, including system and solution architects or senior developers, ready to move to Switzerland, Germany or the Netherlands. What are the lessons learned from these activities? It is much easier to find the right person in Spain, Portugal or Romania than in Poland. Moreover, they often have lower financial expectations.


Do you see the employer-driven market in these cases?


Rafał Jędrzejewski, Partner / CEO in Executive & Friends

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